Barbers Point Deep Draft Harbor

Construction of the existing Barbers Point Deep Draft Harbor was completed in 1985. The project cost of $59,000,000 was shared by the State of Hawaii and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The general navigation features include an offshore entrance channel (3,300 feet long, 450 feet wide, and 42 feet deep); a inshore channel (980 feet long, and 450 feet wide flaring to 650 feet over the last 200 feet, and 38 feet deep) ; a 92-acre inshore basin (38 feet deep); and, 4,600 feet of wave absorber structures. The harbor also incorporates a 21-foot-deep barge basin, which was constructed in 1961 by the Estate of James Campbell.

The Barbers Point Harbor Modifications project is in the feasibility phase. On 8 September 1992, the project sponsor, State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation requested the Honolulu District to determine if a Federal interest exists in modifying the Barbers Point Harbor by deepening of the harbor’s turning basin and entrance channel to depths of 45 and 47 feet, respectively, to improve cargo transportation efficiency, and constructing a 375-foot jetty north of the existing entrance channel to lessen the impact of cross channel currents on vessels entering and exiting the harbor. Estimated project cost is $101,000,000 with a benefit-cost ratio of 1.15.