Honokohau Small Boat Harbor

The Honokohau Small Boat Harbor is located on the west side of the Island of Hawaii, south of Kona International Airport. The project was authorized under the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1965. It was completed in March 1970 at a cost of $2,107,000 (Federal: $781,000; non-Federal: $1,326,000).

The project consists of an inshore harbor basin with an entrance channel 840 feet long, 120 feet wide, 20 feet deep at the outer end and 15 feet deep at the inner end; a main access channel 660 feet long, 120 feet wide and 15 feet deep in the outer end and 12 feet deep in the inner end; two rubble wave absorbers, one 650 feet long along the north side of the entrance channel and one 150 feet long along the south side of the channel.

The State of Hawaii has constructed 262 berths at Honokohau Harbor. The local sponsor is the State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources.