Interagency and International Services

A program that demonstrates the Honolulu District’s flexibility in providing engineering design and construction as needed is our support for others, or reimbursable program. We perform this work for other military commands, government agencies and even foreign governments.

Generally we design and build the project or perform the service and then are reimbursed. However, since the Corps has virtually unlimited capabilities, the range of projects in this category is amazing. For example, the Honolulu District completed a $20 million telescope facility atop Haleakala, an extinct volcano on Maui that rises above 10,000 feet, for the Air Force and Phillips Laboratory. We also built a desalinization plant for the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Perhaps, the greatest impact of the Corps’ services is on the lives of the people of remote island nations of the Pacific. For example, when the primary means of transportation is by water, a Corps harbor improvement project is vitally important for both safety and economic reasons.

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