Contracting Division

Contracting Division plans, directs, and exercises staff supervision over all phases of contracting and acquisition related activities and is made up of three branches: Army Contracts Branch, Services and Support Contracts Branch and Business Operations Branch.

NOTICE: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District has migrated its existing solicitations posted on the Electronic Contract Solicitations Management System (ECSMS) to the Federal Technical Data Solutions (FedTeDS) website. As of February 15, 2006, the Honolulu District's business opportunities are posted to FedBizOpps and are no longer available on ECSMS.  FedTeDS DOES NOT have a search feature. You must navigate to FedTeDS by way of the link provided by FedBizOpps and ASFI.

You can view all Honolulu District Federal Business Opportunities on FedBizOpps at using keyword: W9128A.

Any questions regarding this notice may be directed
to (808) 835-4386 or e-mail