Military Mission

A major portion of the Honolulu District’s program is geared toward support of Army service members and their families. Our design and construction projects impact every aspect of their lives -- where they live and work, and where they spend their off-duty time as well. Everything needed to support day-to-day training and lifestyles of military personnel and their families falls within our military program. The district also supports the other service components - Air Force, Marines, Reserves, and other remote installations.

Barracks and dormitories constructed to provide quality living conditions have been a key element of our military support program, under the “Whole Barracks Renewal Program”, with a total cost well in excess of a billion dollars. These facilities provide single Soldiers greatly improved living space and more privacy. Additionally the Honolulu District has built world class dining facilities, headquarters facilities, company operations facilities, motorpools, training ranges, and a wide variety of facilities to provide the Soldiers and combat units the highest quality facilities and capabilities to work, train and be best prepared for conflicts.

The District’s military program oversees design and construction of work-related projects such as command headquarters facilities, maintenance facilities, and airfield runways as well as child development centers, chapels, fitness centers, and education centers.

The District supports all service components with reimbursable projects at many installations, to repair, maintain, renovate and upgrade aging facilities to improve capabilities, re-purpose, and bring buildings and property up to current safety and operational standards. 

The multi-disciplined District teams, design and construction contractors, and other resources supporting each of these projects are led by project managers in the Military Branch of Programs and Project Management Division.