Request a Speaker

If you are interested in obtaining a speaker for an event, please contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Honolulu District Speakers Bureau at (808) 835-4003.

We'll need to know the date, time and location of the speaking engagement and a general idea of the speech topic. Whenever possible, the Honolulu District Speakers Bureau provides background information on the speaker and additional background material on the speech subject.

To request a speaker, you must send a written request (via regular mail, electronic mail, or fax) to the following address:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
Honolulu District
Speakers Bureau
Public Affairs Office
Building 230, Room 302
Fort Shafter, HI 96858

Fax: (808) 835-4019


Speakers Bureau

Looking for a Speaker Who:

  • Has working experience with Asian-Pacific cultures?
  • Is an expert in electrical, mechanical engineering or environmental archaeology?
  • Works to improve the environment?
  • Can design office buildings, school playgrounds or public parks?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is ready to inform your group with our dedicated experts who demonstrate their skill in:

  • Leadership, management and core values
  • Technology, tradition and training
  • Balancing careers and family

Budget analysts, accountants, lawyers and other design & construction professionals are available to speak to:

  • Business and professional organizations
  • Community and civic groups
  • Schools and religious groups

Speakers are available for groups of all sizes including senior leaders and dedicated, motivated government workers who serve the Honolulu District, military installations and American interests in the Pacific rim.

Contact Information

Public Affairs Office
Building 230
Fort Shafter, HI  96858
(808) 835-4003