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Civil Works: Projects & Studies

Welcome to the Civil Works Projects page for the Honolulu District. Below you will find our current studies, investigations, and other related projects. The following links provide access to the latest information for Civil Works Projects and Studies in the Pacific Basin.

A collection of historical projects including those under Operations and Maintenance can be accessed from the dropdown menu to the right. 

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General Investigations (GI)

Watershed Studies

Continuing Authorities Program (CAP)

Hawaiian Islands

  • Kuliouou Stream Sec. 107 (Oahu)
  • Waiakea-Palai Sec. 205 (Hawaii)
  • Wailele Sec. 205 (Oahu)

American Samoa

  • Tau Harbor Sec. 107
  • Ofu Sec. 14


  • East Hagatna Sec. 14
  • Merizo/Manell Basin
  • Agat Mayor’s Compound Shoreline Erosion

Planning Assistance to States (PAS)

  • American Samoa PAS

Floodplain Management Services (FPMS)

  • Guam Storm Drainage Manual Update FPMS
  • Waimanalo FPMS
  • Puna FPMS

Other Projects

  • Hawaii Water Management