Tafuna Flood Risk Management Study

The US Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District, prepared a Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Assessment for the Tafuna Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study. The non-Federal sponsor of the project is the is the American Samoa Government, represented by the American Samoa Department of Public Works. The purpose of the study is to evaluate flooding problems and identify potential flood risk reduction alternatives within the Tafuna area on the island of Tutuila in the U.S. Territory of American Samoa.

The study area is located within a heavily populated area of Tutuila Island known as the Tafuna-Leone Plain. Properties within the Tafuna-Leone Plain include residential and non-residential structures (e.g., commercial and government buildings), main roads, drinking water wells, churches, and school facilities and are susceptible to frequent flooding.

This project will identify flood risk management opportunities to reduce flood damages and increase resilience in the community of Tafuna. The Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Assessment is anticipated February 2023.