Author: Charles Delano
  • December

    Hawaii wildfires leave lithium battery hazard in debris

    The wildfires in Hawaii that resulted in loss of life and property on the island of Maui not only left Lahaina and Kula with fire debris, but also left properties with household hazardous waste or materials Items such as gas cans, propane bottles, aerosol cans, and lithium batteries were some of the materials that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency, have been removing.
  • Teamwork keeps Hawaii Wildfire Response EFO communicating during unexpected move

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel must be flexible to work in a variety of locations when responding to emergency operations. With limited space on Maui, there are few options for workspaces to support the Hawaii Wildfire Recovery mission. The Logistics Planning and Response Team along with Enterprise Emergency Response Team have been collaborating with businesses to obtain locations with sufficient resources to support recovery operations.