Author: Brannen Parrish
  • September

    Information key to Maui emergency response

    USACE cartographers and geographers who work with Geographic Information Systems meet information demand by compiling data and converting it into a visual product that provides insight for decision-making vital for the Hawai'i wildfires response mission. Using a platform called USACE Common Operating Picture, or uCOP, they collect information from various sources and import or reference it to develop a visualization.
  • Environmental protection at forefront of USACE Maui debris removal planning process

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers environmental engineers and biologists are working with local, state and federal environmental agencies to develop contract requirements for the debris removal phase of the Hawai’i wildfires emergency response on Maui.
  • Cooperators’ meetings promote communication between helping agencies, NGOs

    A local government liaison attends a cooperators’ meeting with representatives from local government, nongovernment organizations, and state and federal agencies assisting with the emergency response to the Hawai’i wildfires that occurred Aug. 8.
  • August

    25th Infantry Division fuels USACE power mission on Maui

    In response to the Aug. 8 Hawai’i Wildfires, a fuel team from the 25th Infantry Division stepped in to fill a critical need for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' temporary power mission on Maui.