Tag: Hawaii Wildfires
  • April

    USACE reaches milestone in Hawai‘i wildfire debris removal mission

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers cleared debris from the 500th residential property within Lahaina, Hawai’i, April 2.
  • April 1st a day for Lahaina’s young scholars to remember

    April 1, 2024 marks the first day that King Kamehameha III Elementary School students attend classes at the temporary replacement campus. The Lahaina school, damaged beyond repair in the Aug. 8, 2023, wildfires, became an important project for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. After receiving a critical public facilities mission assignment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, USACE handled the $78 million elementary school installation, subcontracting Pono Aina Management, a Native Hawaiian organization.
  • March

    USACE begins Phase 2 commercial debris removal operations in Lahaina

    A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contractor began hauling debris from commercial properties impacted by the Aug. 8, 2023, wildfires in the town of Lahaina, Hawai’i, March 22. This begins Phase 2 of the debris removal process that includes removal of remaining structural ash and debris, as well as soil testing.
  • Temporary King Kamehameha III Elementary School Campus Dedicated March 25

    A blessing and dedication ceremony was hosted March 25, by the Hawaii Department of Education with federal, state and local partners coming together to celebrate the opening of a temporary replacement campus for the King Kamehameha III Elementary School, which was damaged beyond repair in the Aug. 8, 2024, Lahaina wildfires.
  • USACE completes vessel debris removal operations, reaches major milestone

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers debris removal mission on Maui reached an important milestone on March 15. Under the management and supervision of USACE, contractors completed the removal of vessel debris from 80 fire-damaged vessels received from the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • February

    USACE Transfers Lahaina Temporary Elementary School to Hawaii State Department of Education

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is pleased to announce the successful installation and turnover of the temporary King Kamehameha III Elementary School in Lahaina to the Hawai‘i State Department of Education Feb. 27. In collaboration with FEMA and the State of Hawai‘i, USACE embarked on a mission to design and oversee the installation of this critical educational facility following the devastating wildfires of Aug. 8, 2023, which displaced approximately 600 elementary school students from their original Lahaina school.
  • January

    Historic building specialists visit Lahaina National Historic Landmark District, survey structures impacted by Hawaiʻi Wildfires

    A specialized team consisting of a structural engineer, historical architect and historian assisted the Hawaiʻi Wildfires Mission by assessing structures in or adjacent to the Lahaina National Historic Landmark District on Maui, Jan. 17-21.
  • USACE continues the Hawaii Wildfires Recovery Mission

    More than five months after the August 8 wildfires in Hawaii ravaged large portions of Maui including Lahaina, the former capital of the Hawaiian Empire, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continues working on a Federal Emergency Management Agency mission to remove debris from affected areas.
  • December

    Teamwork keeps Hawaii Wildfire Response EFO communicating during unexpected move

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel must be flexible to work in a variety of locations when responding to emergency operations. With limited space on Maui, there are few options for workspaces to support the Hawaii Wildfire Recovery mission. The Logistics Planning and Response Team along with Enterprise Emergency Response Team have been collaborating with businesses to obtain locations with sufficient resources to support recovery operations.
  • September

    Basketball lessons shape Maui emergency responder’s philosophy

    Destynee Hives-McCray, a mission specialist with the PPDRT on Maui supporting the federal response to the Aug. 8 Hawai’i wildfires, said playing Division I basketball taught her lessons to help her succeed in the challenging role.