565th Engineer Detachment, FEST-A

The Forward Engineer Support Team – Advance (FEST-A) is a part of the United States Army Corps of Engineers - Field Force Engineering program.  This small, advance engineering team rapidly deploys worldwide and provides technical engineer support to the Combatant Command down to the Brigade Combat Team level.  It conducts critical infrastructure surveys, engineer reconnaissance operations, base camp planning, geospatial operations, and provides construction planning, design and management capabilities.

The FEST-A is made up of eight individuals, including a military commander (Major), a noncommissioned officer (Seargeant First Class), and six Department of the Army civilians.  The civilian technical experts include mechanical, environmental, electrical, civil, and structural engineers, and a geospatial information systems specialist.  The Honolulu Engineer District FEST-A team has completed missions in Thailand, South Korea, Palau, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Contact Information

Public Affairs Office
Building 230
Fort Shafter, HI 96858-5440
(808) 835-4004