Logistics Delivery Point

The Logistics Delivery Point (LDP), Honolulu is comprised of multi-talented, versatile, and highly-skilled logistics professionals.  The LDP’s mission is to provide program oversight of the supply, property, travel, transportation, equipment and facility maintenance, and space management programs. 

Our goal is to provide quality logistical support as follows:

    • Conduct annual inventories, process turn-in of properties that are excess or no longer needed for current operations, and administer investigations as a direct result of missing, stolen, or damaged property.
    • Perform minor repair or alterations to buildings, modifications to office cubicles, administer various service contracts (e.g. custodial services, preventive maintenance to installed equipment, installation of new equipment, etc).
    • Conduct analysis of space requirements to validate space requirements and maximize use of existing footprint.
    • Maintain a fleet of GSA vehicles, obtain additional vehicles, and analyze vehicle usage to ensure utilization criteria are met.
    • Provide guidance and procedures (e.g. allowances, passports, country clearances, etc. ) for travel related to Permanent Change of Station or temporary duty.

Contact Information

Logistics Delivery Point
Building 127
Tripler Army Medical Center, HI  96859
(808) 835-4478