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Employee Spotlight: Dan Moore DA intern (Accountant)

Honolulu District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Published May 8, 2019
Honolulu District Employee Spotlight

Honolulu District Employee Spotlight

What is your official title?
Department of the Army Intern (Accountant)
What is your name?
Dan Moore
What office do you work in?
Resource Management – Finance and Accounting
Describe your job?
I support in various accounting duties to ensure internal control measures and headquarters guidance is met throughout the fiscal year.
What do you find most rewarding about your career?
I find the most rewarding part of my job is the camaraderie I feel between myself and the team I work with each day, not only in resource management but throughout the entire district.
How does your job fit into the Honolulu District USACE mission?
My job fits into the Honolulu District mission because the support Resource Management provides directly impacts the incoming funds being disbursed accurately and correctly.
What inspires you or motivates you as you do your job?
The fact that everyone has their own individual role that when combined with each other forms an entire system of processes in order to complete the mission.
What do you like most about working for the District?
I love the sense of Ohana (family) here at the Honolulu district.
What is your education background?
I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Accounting.
Tell us about your first job?
My first job was at a frozen yogurt shop. I was a cashier and it was exhilarating!
What inspires you, and why?
The rapid growth of available information and the ease of communication and access to it for almost everyone in the entire world. This inspires me because more communication means more minds thinking and solving the world’s biggest problems together.
What would be your ultimate dream job?
Taking people on hikes here in Hawaii and getting paid for it.
What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I enjoy hiking, cruising at the beach, boxing, and hanging with friends.
Fill in the blank: I once met…
Daniel Cormier. (Mixed Martial Arts and Wrestler)
If you could pick one superpower, what would it be?
Quote (What is your favorite quote? Why?
“Give more get more” I like that it simplifies the importance of being selfless because it usually benefits both parties involved.

Bryanna R. Poulin
Honolulu District Public Affairs Office

Release no. 19-022