Compliance Section

The goal of the Compliance Section is to provide support to project execution by ensuring that projects are planned and carried out in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

The Compliance Section provides technical support to Project Managers through a Technical Team Leader (TTL). The TTL is responsible for the technical adequacy of the work performed through a team of selected specialists including but not limited to Scientists, Engineers, Industrial Hygienists, and Chemists. The TTL is part of the Project Delivery Team developing Project Work Plans and Quality Management Plans. The TTL is responsible for accepting the technical adequacy of each phase of the work and approving the start of the next phase of work.

In addition to support for internal design and construction projects, the Compliance Section supports projects for active installations and other customers. These projects which may include cleanup or removal of hazardous and toxic wastes, PCBs, removal of underground storage tanks and asbestos and lead paint abatement.