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Public Notice Mailing List Registration

Register here to receive Public Notices for activities being evaluated for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permits under the Clean Water Act (Section 404), the Rivers and Harbors Act (Section 10), and the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act (also known as the Ocean Dumping Act, Section 103) within the Honolulu District.

YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR ELECTRONIC CONTACT INFORMATION IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE PUBLIC NOTICES!! The Corps has transitioned to an electronic notification process (reference Public Notice #2009-005, dated April 1, 2009) and will no longer mail full paper copies of Public Notices to interested individuals or organizations.

To receive Public Notices within a particular area of interest, you must fill out the Public Notice Distribution List Request Form, and mail, fax or e-mail:

US Army Corps of Engineers,
Honolulu District
Bldg. 230, CEPOH-EC-R
Fort Shafter, Hawaii 96858-5440
Fax: 808-835-4301
Email: CEPOH-RO@usace.army.mil

Email Address Changes: If you change your email address, you will need to notify us at Electronic Mail. Please provide your name, old address and your new address. Emails returned due to a change of address will be deleted from our electronic mailing system.

Contact Information

Regulatory Office
Building 252
Fort Shafter, HI  96858-5440
(808) 835-4303