Environmental Program

Honolulu District's Environmental program consists of a multi-disciplinary group of professionals dedicated to project excellence. We are comprised of environmental engineers, chemists, archeologists, biologists, industrial hygienists, environmental protection specialists, architects, and Ordnance / Explosive Health & Safety Specialists. We execute environmental technical work using both our in-house expertise and by contract. This multi-faceted program also consists of environmental engineering studies and services. Some of the work is advisory while other parts are attributable to standing national programs.

Our Environmental Quality expertise in the areas of endangered species, native habitats and historic preservation remains unmatched in the Pacific. The Honolulu District has been at the forefront of assisting others with their diverse environmental needs in this far-reaching geographical region.

Honolulu District leverages its technical resources, and those of worldwide Corps of Engineers, by forming partnerships and alliances with research institutions, federal and state agencies and the private sector. All these efforts are undertaken with the common mission of advancing a thriving, economically secure, and environmentally conscious future for the state of Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region through sustainable technologies, systems and services.

Contact Information

Environmental Programs Branch
Building 252
Fort Shafter, HI  96858-5440
(808) 835-4079