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The Waikane Valley Training Area is situated on the Windward side of the island of Oahu, Hawaii, on the coastal plain adjacent to Kaneohe Bay and on the slopes of the Koolau Mountain Range. From 1942 to 1976, these 1,061 acres of land were used as a military training and artillery impact area. Of the 1,061 acres, 933 acres are considered eligible under the FUDS program. The remaining acreage is owned by the U.S. Marine Corps.

Most of this FUDS property is covered by dense vegetation with some gulches and steep slopes. During World War II, this area was used by the Department of the Army for advanced training in offensive warfare and air-to-ground practice bombing. From 1953-1976, the Marine Corps was substituted as lessee. Live ordnance, including high explosive grenades, mortars and rockets have been found in the Waikane Valley Training Area. In addition, demilitarized ordnance has been recovered. Today, this land is mostly undeveloped with pockets of residential, agricultural and recreational areas.

In 2011, a Removal Action cleared 40 acres resulting in the removal of 42 munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) items.  Concurrently, a Remedial Investigation cleared transects and grids through the remaining accessible areas.  One MEC item (signal flare) was found during the Remedial Investigation work.  Data from the RI was used in the Feasibility Study (FS) to develop and evaluate appropriate remedial alternatives.

Proposed Plans (PP) for the Southeastern Region and Western/Mountainous Munition Response Sites.  The preferred alternative for the Southeastern Region MRS was presented as additional subsurface clearance in areas of future intrusive activity in the MRS with Land Use Controls (LUCs) in the form of an Education MEC Awareness Program.  The preferred alternative for the Western/Mountainous Region MRS was presented as LUCs in the form of an Education MEC Awareness Program.  No comments on the PPs for either MRS were received, so the remedies were accepted as presented.

The Remedial Action for the Southeastern Region MRS of 36 acres of surface and subsurface MEC clearance is scheduled for April-May 2017. Questions or concerns can be directed to Kevin Pien, Project Manager, at kevin.c.pien@usace.army.mil or (808) 835-4091.


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