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Archive: March, 2019
  • District employees attend BIG training

    Different personalities in the workplace sometimes clash, or even workplace friends argue; as a result, this negative behavior can lead to bickering, hatred or discord. Other times employees are dealing with insults or repeated unwelcoming behavior and unreasonable actions aimed at intimidating, humiliating, degrading or undermining an employee or group of employees.
  • Employee Spotlight: Kathleen De Guzman

    Employee Spotlight: Kathleen De Guzman
  • Early discussions lead Guam and National Silver Jackets to milestone event

    During a landmark occasion Feb. 5, the Honolulu District Silver Jackets Coordinator held the first formal meeting of the Guam Silver Jackets team. Building resilience across our Nation, beyond the 50 states, the historical event marked a first for the Guam Silver Jackets, as well as the National Silver Jackets program. The Guam Team Charter was recently signed and adopted by six agencies within the government of Guam and is currently being routed for signatures by federal partners’ marks the first territorial Silver Jackets Team.
  • McAninch selected as Schofield Barracks Area Engineer

    Jean McAninch has been selected to serve as the Schofield Barracks Area Engineer, Schofield Barracks Area Office, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Honolulu District. As the Schofield Barracks Area Engineer, she will oversee critical construction programs such as the Kunia Station Tunnel renovation work (National Security Agency) and the Hawaii Infrastructure Readiness Initiative (HIRI).
  • Robyn Au selected as Honolulu District Chief Counsel

    Robyn Au has recently been selected to serve as the Honolulu District’s Chief Counsel. Au becomes responsible for a staff of six, as well as the oversight and delivery of legal services for execution of District’s missions, including the military, civil works, environmental and regulatory programs. The Office of Counsel also gives guidance and advice in matters of contract/procurement law, fiscal law, personnel and labor law, ethics, real estate law, and Freedom of Information Act.