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Archive: October, 2012
  • Public Notice Revision Federal Register Notice Announcing New Nationwide Permits

    On March 19, 2012, the Honolulu District Corps of Engineers published a Public Notice announcing the February 21, 2012, Federal Register notice of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reissuance of all existing nationwide permits (NWPs), general conditions, and definitions with some modifications; and the issuance of two new NWPs, three new general conditions, and three new definitions. The Public Notice also provided the final Regional Conditions developed by the Honolulu District to ensure that NWP authorizations would result in no more than minimal individual and cumulative impacts to aquatic resources within its designated area of responsibility and regulatory jurisdiction. Minor revisions have been made to the Honolulu District’s final Regional Conditions. The revised Regional Conditions are attached to this public notice for informational purposes. All other information contained in the previous notice remains the same.