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Archive: February, 2014
  • POH-2010-00244

    Expiration date: 3/5/2014

    Interested parties are hereby notified that an application has been received for a Department of the Army (DA) permit for certain work in waters of the United States as described below and shown on the attached drawings. The State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation DOBOR proposes a three-phase approach to addressing the impacts of erosion along the shoreline to the west of the Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor, Island of Kauai, Hawaii. DOBOR proposes to excavate sand from the upper beaches east of the harbor to place at three locations west of the harbor and to repair the eroded west breakwater to the originally constructed specifications. DOBOR is also proposing to conduct a yearly sand bypass to continue to address the erosion west of the harbor. The purpose of the proposed action is to reduce siltation of the harbor entrance and repair the eroded shoreline and shoreline structure.