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Honolulu Harbor

Honolulu Harbor is located on the southwestern coast of the island of Oahu. The project was authorized by the River and Harbor Acts of 3 March 1905, 8 August 1917, 3 July 1930 and 3 September 1954. The project was completed prior to and during 1962 at a total cost of $18,283,648 (Federal: $17,297,566; non-Federal: $986,082).

The harbor consists of Fort Armstrong Channel (an entrance channel; 4.000 feet long, 500 feet wide and 45 feet deep); a main harbor basin (3,300 feet long, 1,520 feet wide and 40 feet deep); a west harbor basin (3,400 feet long, 1,000 feet wide and 40 feet deep); and a connecting channel (400 feet wide and 40 feet deep); and Kalihi Channel (400 feet wide, 23 feet deep). The local sponsor is the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation.

Hawaii receives over 98 percent of all goods through its harbors. Much of the containerized items are first shipped to Honolulu Harbor then separated and trans-shipped to the outer islands. All bulk items such as fuel oil, coal, lumber, gravel, etc. are shipped to Barbers Point Harbor on the west coast of Oahu, then trans-shipped to the outer islands.