Ofu Airport (West Bank) Feasibility Study - 2022


Ofu Airstrip

The Ofu Airstrip Shore Protection Project site is located on Ofu Island, approximately 66 miles east of the island of Tutuila, American Samoa.  It was authorized under Section 14 of the Flood Control Act of 1946.  The American Samoa Government is the local sponsor and owner, responsible to operate and maintain the project. The project is in the operations and maintenance phase.

The project was completed in October 1986 at a cost of $182,500 (Federal funds) and consists of a 381-foot-long rock revetment.  The purpose of the project is to reduce the impact of coastal hazards on Ofu Airport.

Annual inspections are conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with the American Samoa Government to ensure the project is performing as intended.

Ofu Airport is the only public airport located on Ofu Island.