Wailoa Stream

The Wailoa River Flood Control Project includes the Wailoa Stream and its tributary streams of Waiakea and Kawila. The project is located within the city of Hilo on the northeast sector of the island. The project was authorized by the Flood Control Act of 3 September 1954, and completed in August 1965 at a cost of $1,044,888 (Federal).

The project includes a 355-foot-long channel and an 88-foot-long levee to divert the Kawili Stream flows into Waiakea Stream; a 333-foot-long channel and a 350-foot-long levee to divert the combined flows of Waiakea and Kawila Streams into a long and narrow swale area; an 1,100-foot-long channel and 800-foot-long levee to protect the University of Hawai‘i Hilo Campus Dormitory; two small diversion levees, one 75 feet long and the other 190 feet long, to divert the flows from the swale area to a new 4,680-foot-long channel; and, an earth levee totaling 6,510 feet along the channel. The local sponsor is the Hawai‘i County Department of Public Works.