Agana Small Boat Harbor

Agana Small Boat Harbor (SBH) is located within Hagåtña Bay centrally situated on the west coast of the island of Guam. The Agana SBH project was authorized under Section 107 of the River and Harbor Act of 1960, as amended. The local sponsor is the Port Authority of Guam. The project is currently in the operations and maintenance phase.

The project was completed in October 1977 at a cost of $1,220,545 (Federal: $937,798; non-Federal: $282,747). The existing project consists of an entrance channel 520 feet long, 120 feet wide, and 12 to 15 feet deep; a turning basin 12 feet deep; a main access channel 540 feet long, 80 feet wide, and 10 feet deep; a revetted mole 1,135 feet long; an east breakwater 200 feet long; a west breakwater 525 feet long; a wave absorber 250 feet long; three circulation channels; and navigation aids. The harbor was designed to provide berthing areas for up to 300 boats.

Hagåtña Bay, where Agana SBH is located extends from Saupon Point to Adelup Point, is about four miles long, crescent shaped, has a one-mile deep indentation, and is fringed by a coral limestone reef platform approximately 2,500 feet offshore.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for maintaining the project structures and project depths in the entrance channel and turning basin area.  In April 2013, vegetation was removed from along all structures. In July 2017, repairs for structure repair were completed by a Guam small business contractor. Repairs included removal and replacement of riprap stones in areas where the stones had been displaced from overgrown vegetation and waves from the revetted mole in order to restore the deteriorated areas. The repair work also included the removal of underlayer and bedding stone, as well as vegetation at one section of the revetted mole where it had formed a depression. The placement of the bedding layer and underlayer stone was completed to restore the section of revetted mole. Additionally, armor stone was moved to fill voids in the revetted mole and east breakwater.